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BioMio - My First Biology App

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Анимированное приложение по биологии для детей от двух лет. С этим простым завораживающим приложением дети исследуют зверей и растения различных экосистем. Исключительно интуитивно они познают жизненные пространства, пищевые цепочки и продолжение рода в мире животных.
BioMio использовать легче лёгкого, дети погружаются в один из трёх ландшафтов, и в них оживляют и водяной мир зверей и растения посредством простого кликанья. Картинки показывают кроме надземной природы, также подземные жизненные пространства и подводный мир, что делает исследование особенно интересным. Каждый ландшафт кроме того предлагает увеличение масштаба, когда даже очень маленькие звери прекрасно различимы.
BioMio - My First Biology App
The animated biology app for preschool children
With this charming and simple app, children are able to learn about animals, plants and the climate. Based on an entirely intuitive design, children gain their first experiences with biospheres, food chains and animal reproduction. The basics for understanding different eco-systems are communicated in a playful way.
BioMio is perfect for parents who would like to raise their child’s awareness at an early age to the processes of nature and basic aspects of biology without overwhelming children with text or complicated graphics.
This app is easy to use: children immerse themselves in three different landscapes and make different animals and plants come to life by simply touching them on the screen. The representations also depict subterranean and underwater environments making this app particularly interesting and appealing. Each landscape offers an automatic detail enlargement function enabling even the smallest of animals to be easily recognized and well-defined.
The following environments may be experienced:
The River Landscape and the Tree The squirrel, woodpecker, bark beetle and bees live in this biotope. The rabbit and the mouse have their underground tunnels, their young tucked away in their home shelters. A buzzard chases after a mouse and feeds its young - freshly hatching out of their eggs. Even the snake is quick to have eyes for the little mouse. The bear attempts to catch fish from the river while the hedgehog tugs on a rain worm. A bud sprouts from an acorn and mushrooms pop up out of the ground. Tap on the clouds and rain begins to pour down.
The Forest and the Pond In this biotope we find the hedgehog and the rabbit and the fo x with its young in their shelters. There is also the hungry deer and the owl. The frog in the pond snatches a dragon fly. Meanwhile, the mother duck teaches her offspring to swim. The spider spins its web. Under water, the fish and newt tumble and swim; a water lily grows and blossoms. Tap on the clouds in this environment and snowflakes begin to fall over the mountaintops.
The Sea and Underwater World The fish, the sea horse, jellyfish, octopus, sea urchin, molluscs and the large, greedy shark dwell in this busy biotope. The seagull and the seal snatch a fish. A fish swallows a snail. The turtle lays its eggs in the sand and the crabs have a little quarrel. The seal family sun themselves on an island and splash around in the sea. Tap on the sun and watch the water evaporate to form little clouds.
Have fun in BioMio Land!